Le linee guida del trusimo responsabile elaborate dal Dipartimento Tursimo ed Ambiente del Sud Africa 
     South African Responsible Tourism Guidelines   

    South Africa's Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism has recently produced National Responsible Tourism Guidelines - produced through a multi-stakeholder process which included industry, local authorities, NGOs and tourism professionals . The guidelines include many elements related to pro poor strategies and maximising benefits to local communities through local economic linkages and partnerships.  
    For a copy of the guidelines visit the International Centre for Responsible Tourism website at www.icrtourism.org and click on the link on the Destinations page, or use the hyperlink http://www.icrtourism.org/icrtdestinationprojects.htm  

      Responsible Tourism in Destinations   

    The Cape Town Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations was attended by 280 delegates from 20 countries. The conference grew out of the South African work on responsible tourism guidelines and involved delegates field testing the South African Guidelines on sites in and around Cape Town. The next conference on Responsible Tourism in Destination will take place in Calvia (Majorca) in May 2004 and the main focus will be on partnerships between local authorities in destinations and tour operators.   

    The Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism can be downloaded from the www.icrtourism.org website homepage or from http://www.travelmole.com/item/89139  

     Tourism and Poverty Alleviation  

    At the World Summit on Sustainable Development the World Tourism Organization launched a new report on Tourism and Poverty Alleviation. The report draws substantially on the work of the Pro-poor Tourism Team and has additional material on Tourism and LDCs and the macro economic case for tourism and development.  

    You can download an Acrobat version of the Report at  

    For further details of the case studies and pro-poor tourism work go to www.propoortourism.org.uk